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My hope is that I can provide some guidance and help to the people who are interested in warts.

This page is a work in progress. Please read through all of the products and ingredients. If you have additional questions, please ask them on my facebook page. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy these products! -Dr. K. The only thing more important than warts, is you. You can't be alive without your warts, and that's just too bad. I believe in taking care of warts, and keeping them at a minimum possible. In order to protect your skin and prevent future infection, you need to follow all the instructions given by your doctor. The first step in warts treatment is removing warts with an antiseptic cream or cream product. Your doctor will tell you how to use the product. For warts on the face, you must use the same product on both sides of your face. The cream on the back side of the head should be applied to the warts there as well. Warts on the hands or feet can be treated with any product you find at the store.

Here are the basic steps for warts treatment:

Step 1: Remove warts with a cream or product that contains an antibiotic (such as the antibiotic ointment you usually get in your pharmacy). Step 2: When your wart is dry and sore, apply a light treatment to the wart.

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