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In my experience, I have found the following products to be effective for stress reduction, in my practice: 1. Green Tea Caffeine + ZMA + Vitamin C, 100 mg/day 2. Methylglyoxal, 0.8 mg 3. Vitamin C, 100 mg 4. BHA, 500mg 5. Fish Oil, 100 mg 6. Fish Oil, 150 mg 7. BHA, 1000mg 8. Zinc, 500 mg 9. BHA, 1000 mg 10. BHA, 1000 mg

My Advice for People Who Want to Improve Their Stress Levels

The answer to stress is not to be found in the kitchen or the bedroom, it lies in your brain. So how do you put your stress to rest? I would like to introduce you to the first of the 4 techniques I recommend for helping people deal with their stress. It is the one that I personally use on my patients.

1. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Many of the people who have been helped by alcohol have also been helped by the 4 techniques above. So if you have been doing alcohol, this is your time to start listening. I personally have had some amazing results from this method, and I am sure it will work for you too. There are many reasons why drinking alcohol may be making you feel depressed and stressed.

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